“Excellent piece. I’m very pleased with this.
The writing in your piece is crisp but not in any way stilted. It is business-to-business without being an ad.”
Tom Button, Editor
Country Guide magazine

What We Do


Do you need archival records for your company’s history book? Hard facts about your customers and competitors? Investigative reporting on social policy trends?

Pentacle Productions can help.

Whether it means searching through old newspaper collections or using the latest Internet technology, we know where to dig.

But searching out the facts is only the first step. Our partners are skilled at

  • organizing vast quantities of information
  • analyzing data
  • developing creative solutions and practical recommendations
  • presenting their findings in ways that readers find interesting and accessible

Research Areas

  • needs assessment and feasibility studies
  • policy and position papers
  • market research
  • historical research
  • business positioning
  • academic investigation and analysis of topics ranging from education to business, history, public policy—or whatever you need

Research Methods

Here are some of the primary and secondary research methods and sources we use.

  • archival and documentary evidence
  • personal interviews (individuals and groups)
  • focus groups
  • surveys (design and analysis)
  • demographic information and statistics
  • marketing and business-related databases and case studies
  • Internet-based information searches