“Thank you for your hard work on the RMRC report. I really enjoyed your writing style. I sure wish all the technical reports I have to read had your stamp of approval on them.”
Nat Treadway, Managing Partner, Distributed Energy Financial Group and RMRC member
Retail Market Review Committee (appointed by Alberta’s Minister of Energy)
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Moving for Seniors brochure

prepared for QHP Moving and Storage

the assignment

    • to prepare a print brochure advertising a new, specialized moving service for seniors (The brochure was subsequently adapted for the web.)

Download brochure

intended audience

    • seniors downsizing from a house to an apartment or condo
    • people planning a move (secondary audience)

graphic design

    • Helix Design Communications


    • consultation to develop key messages in keeping with the company’s newly developed corporate brand
    • market research and competitor analysis
    • analysis of the company’s competitive advantage
    • writing and editing of copy
    • close collaboration with the graphic designer to make sure the words and images complemented one another