Our Portfolio

General Interest and Public Policy

  • Power for the People: Report and Recommendations for the Minister of Energy, Government of Alberta
    • research, writing and editing services
    • prepared for the Retail Market Review Committee appointed by the Minister of Energy
  • Alberta Roundtable on Violence In and Around Licensed Premises
    • research, consultation and writing services
    • prepared for Alberta Gaming and Alberta Solicitor General and Public Security
  • Youth Gambling in Alberta: The Alberta Youth Experience Survey 2002
    • research, literature review and summary report
    • prepared for the Alberta Alcohol and Drug Abuse Commission
  • Pentacle Productions ad in Commerce News
      - Great work by our friends James Shrimpton (Helix Design) and Bob Wood.

  • Alberta Future Summit 2002
      - workbook, questionnaire, conference package and report
    • prepared for Alberta Economic Development
  • Out of the Peasant Mold: A Structural History of the M. Hawreliak Home in Shandro, Alberta
    • interview-based and archival research, photo research, writing and editing (This report is one of more than a dozen monographs Pentacle Productions' team prepared on Ukrainian pioneers in Alberta.)
    • prepared for Alberta Culture