“Thank you for your hard work on the RMRC report. I really enjoyed your writing style. I sure wish all the technical reports I have to read had your stamp of approval on them.”
Nat Treadway, Managing Partner, Distributed Energy Financial Group and RMRC member
Retail Market Review Committee (appointed by Alberta’s Minister of Energy)

Our Portfolio

General Interest and Public Policy

  • Power for the People: Report and Recommendations for the Minister of Energy, Government of Alberta
    • research, writing and editing services
    • prepared for the Retail Market Review Committee appointed by the Minister of Energy
  • Alberta Roundtable on Violence In and Around Licensed Premises
    • research, consultation and writing services
    • prepared for Alberta Gaming and Alberta Solicitor General and Public Security
  • Youth Gambling in Alberta: The Alberta Youth Experience Survey 2002
    • research, literature review and summary report
    • prepared for the Alberta Alcohol and Drug Abuse Commission
  • Pentacle Productions ad in Commerce News
      - Great work by our friends James Shrimpton (Helix Design) and Bob Wood.

  • Alberta Future Summit 2002
      - workbook, questionnaire, conference package and report
    • prepared for Alberta Economic Development
  • Out of the Peasant Mold: A Structural History of the M. Hawreliak Home in Shandro, Alberta
    • interview-based and archival research, photo research, writing and editing (This report is one of more than a dozen monographs Pentacle Productions' team prepared on Ukrainian pioneers in Alberta.)
    • prepared for Alberta Culture