“You are a very conscientious and dedicated writer, and I very much appreciated having you in charge of writing our final report for the Future Summit. I knew it was in good hands!”
Hazel Cail, MLA Liaison and Implementation Coordinator
Alberta Future Summit 2002
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Career Coaching Your Teens: A Guide for Parents

prepared for Alberta Employment and Immigration

the assignment

  • structural and stylistic editing and rewriting for a handbook to help parents talk to their teens about career planning and career choices

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intended audience

  • parents of teens in Alberta
  • career practitioners and teachers who counsel teens and parents about careers

graphic design

  • Bernie Roessler, Plumbheavy Design


  • The original handbook was prepared for a national audience in the 1990s. Over the years, numerous writers had a hand in updating the content and modifying the structure. The result was a haphazard collection of information that no longer served its original purpose.
  • Project work included
    - standardizing the style and voice
    - developing a tone appropriate for the audience
    - developing a structure that made the information easy to understand and easy to find at a glance
    - working closely with subject matter experts to clarify meaning and ensure that the flow of information was logical
    - rewriting in plain language to create an interesting, easy-to-read, informative publication
    - following style guidelines specified by the client
    - developing a project-specific style sheet