“As always, I appreciate your attention to detail and your commitment to excellence!”
Leann Wagner, Senior Manager
Alberta Children’s Services
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Our Business: Making Words Work for You

At Pentacle Productions, our business is words.

Words that inspire. Words that persuade. Words that teach. Words that connect you to your colleagues, your clients, your staff, your world.

At Pentacle Productions, we make words work for you.

We find the right medium and the right voice to help you sell your products, train your people, showcase your company or present your ideas with clarity and conviction.

We get your message to the folks who need to hear it. And we find words that move people to do what you need them to do. Use your services. Buy into a new idea. Learn a new skill. Get with the program. Stay safe. Understand how something works…

The right words expressed the right way can save you time. They can save you money. And they can make you look good.

That’s our goal.

We deliver written products that help you get your job done right. And we do it on time and on budget.

Every project—large or small—gets our full attention and our best efforts. And no project is finished until our clients are completely satisfied with the results.

Working with Us

At Pentacle Productions, we work with you to define your communications needs.

Once we have a plan, we conduct whatever research or market analysis might be required. We follow up with brilliant writing and careful editing to create print and online materials that people want to read.

We can also help with program development, project management, event planning, business and strategic planning, organizational problem solving, document reviews and much more…

What It Costs

Every project is different. Before we start, we'll give you a detailed description of the work we'll do and how much it will cost—so there are no surprises. (For some projects, we may require a deposit.)

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